Brightidea + Anaqua:

Streamline the patent application process

The Brightidea + Anaqua integration enables you to submit your idea for a patent directly from Brightidea to Anaqua (formerly Lecarpio).

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Improve Your Odds of Receiving a Patent

Develop your idea within the Brightidea software and then send it to Anaqua for it to be automatically formatted for the patent application process, saving time and ensuring your application is formatted correctly.

Send Ideas

Collaborate before submission

Collaborate with colleagues in Brightidea to strengthen your concept before submission.

Submission Process

Streamline the Patent Submission Process

Focus on strengthening your concept and let Anaqua format it for the application.

Optimize Odds

Optimize Your Odds of Approval

With a peer reviewed concept in Brightidea and the formatting expertise of Anaqua, you’ll improve your odds of approval.

How Anaqua Works

Anaqua is a user-friendly, one-stop, portal that can help you reduce costs while securing and streamlining your patent filing process.

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