Brightidea + Amazon Alexa:

Capture ideas wherever you have them

Easily capture voice recordings of your ideas with an Amazon Alexa enabled device and route them directly into your BrightIdea software. Next time you have a great idea, just say “Hey Alexa.”

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Never Lose an Idea with Amazon Alexa and Brightidea

With this skill, employees can conveniently post ideas to your Brightidea platform without needing to be in front of a computer. Place your Alexa device in your company’s breakroom and “watercooler talk” becomes “innovation at work” where ideas are sparked and can quickly be added to your innovation campaign.

Send Ideas

Submit ideas from team meetings

Send ideas from any Brightidea initiative to Jira with just a few clicks.

Submit ideas on the go

Catch ideas outside the office, wherever they happen, with an Alexa enabled smart watch or phone.

Innovation Lab Icon

Submit ideas from your innovation lab

Dedicate a space for your employees to easily capture ideas with voice commands.

How Amazon Alexa Works

Amazon Alexa is the name of Amazon’s voice-based AI assistant. You can use Alexa in Amazon’s Echo products. With the Brightidea skill you can capture ideas with your Alexa enabled devices wherever they happen and route them directly into your Brightidea software.

Amazon Alexa

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