Providing Clients with Expert Innovation Communities

Providing Clients with Expert Innovation Communities
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Brightidea and IdeaConnection have a new partnership that offers open innovation services and a way for companies to build their own branded, expert, open innovation communities.

In the press release Brightidea CEO, Matt Greeley shares, “IdeaConnection has an outstanding record of building innovative communities and solving complex challenges. Now we can offer Open Innovation community building as a white-label service for those who would rather build their own proprietary innovation community under their own brands.”

This partnership complements many clients’ innovation initiatives. It also brings us all one step closer to realizing the future of ideas as expressed in Brightidea’s the Innovation Grid.

IdeaConnection’s extensive network-of-networks goes well beyond Google search and offers clients access to vast external expert communities, emerging technologies, the world’s great minds and valuable technical and intellectual property expertise. Combining that with Brightidea’s suite of products that facilitate the gathering and development of people-powered ideas creates a one-stop solution the enterprise has been searching for.

The future is even brighter.