Brightidea’s response to the COVID-19 health crisis

Brightidea’s response to the COVID-19 health crisis
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Brightidea’s response to the COVID-19 health crisis

We wanted to share a status update on how Brightidea is handling our response to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis and what it means for our customers.

Mandatory work from home and restricted travel.

As of March 8th and in some areas sooner, we instituted a mandatory work from home policy and restrictions on non-essential travel. We are sorry that we will not be meeting face-to-face with customers and partners, but you can expect the same level of service you have come to expect via videoconference, email, or phone. We are happy to reschedule in-person meetings after the crisis has abated. Our main concern is to limit the community spread and exposure to the virus and to others we may unknowingly come into contact with.

Synthesize 2020 has been postponed.

As we assess the safety of large gatherings such as Synthesize, we are pausing the planning until we are sure that the event poses no risk to attendees. We know how popular the Synthesize is and we promise it will be back stronger than ever. We are looking into other ways to keep our community strong, virtually. We will continue to provide status updates as the situation evolves.

No disruption or changes to our cloud infrastructure.

The Brightidea service is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS) we have redundant systems and comprehensive backup policies in place. We do not foresee any disruption of service relative to the crisis. We maintain a documented disaster recovery plan. If your team requires additional information on our policies, processes, and controls related to our certifications, audit reports, or attestations of compliance (such as SOC 2, ISO 27001, ISO 27017 and CSA), we are happy to provide them.

Helping our Innovation Teams stay relevant.

A rapid shift to remote work and major disruptions to business are putting new types of stress on organizations. We are amazed by the creativity our customers are showing, in finding creative ways to run challenges for distributed teams spanning: work from home tips, how to solve critical business disruption issues (like supply chain) and cutting costs by identifying areas of non-essential spend. In the coming days, we’ll be publishing an article with more details on this.

As always, we are here to support you.

We recognize there is likely to be disruption in certain industries and businesses. Our plan is to stay focused and “do our part to keep the trains running” as best we can during this period. If the health crisis or related economic shifts are causing hardship, please reach out to us and we will do what we can to accommodate your unique situation. You can reach out to your Customer Success Manager with any questions or concerns.

Great innovators have always seen opportunities in chaos. This crisis is likely to have a long term impact on how organizations view remote work and how they attempt to meet the challenges associated with keeping distributed teams engaged and contributing to a common mission. I believe your work with crowdsourcing is more critical than ever. I am happy to chat with any one of you, to help re-frame your work and role for this new environment.

Stay safe. Keep everyone away from Grandma and wash your hands. We’ll get through this together.

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