Industry Spotlight

Innovation in Architecture, Engineering, and Construction

What does “innovation” in AEC mean in 2022?

In this AEC fireside panel, Brightidea VP of Marketing Justin Parnell hosts a conversation with thought leaders, that focuses on emerging trends and what success looks like for the Idea and Innovation Management disciplines in 2022 and beyond.

The webinar will feature speakers from Black & Veatch, DPR Construction, and Haskell.

You will learn:

  • Yellow CheckmarkWhat does it mean to, “innovate,” in AEC in 2022?
  • Yellow CheckmarkHow did COVID change your innovation strategy?
  • Yellow CheckmarkWhat does success look like for an innovation program?
  • Yellow CheckmarkWhat trends are being monitored and prototyped?
  • Yellow CheckmarkWhat advice do the speakers have for their former selves?

Watch the Webinar

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