The Secrets to a Successful Innovation Program


Brightidea provides something customers aren’t finding elsewhere.

Innovation Program Leaders often ask Brightidea for insight around practices, benchmark metrics and methodologies that we see leading enterprises to success. This ebook gathers these insights from Brightidea customers and includes:

  • Benchmark metrics from a third-party customer survey, spanning a range of industries and including heavyweights such as Accenture, Exxon, Motorola, HP and Walgreens.
  • Best practices shared in the form of case studies from some of our customers listed above, and others, including Nielsen, Cathay Pacific, multiple S&P, Global and Fortune 500 companies.
  • Methodologies and paths to a successful innovation program – more specifically – what worked, and why, with quotes directly from these industry leaders around their experiences using our software.

The third party vendor, TechValidate managed the survey, which includes feedback on innovation program features that can mean the difference between success and failure: ROI analysis, Innovation Challenges, Organizational Culture, and Overall Goals.


“95% of Global 500 companies saw improvements in their innovation program.”


Here are the results of our customers’ out-of-the-box thinking:

  • 95% of the respondents view Brightidea’s targeted innovation challenges as an essential part of their innovation program toolkit.
  • 92% of users who focused on Targeted Innovation Challenges with Brightidea achieved a positive ROI in under 12 months.
  • 91% of Global 500 Companies believed Brightidea helped drive a culture of innovation (better than their previous software).
  • 58% of the respondents reported a 50%-300% increase in the quality of their innovation program and ideas, with 42% sharing an increase up to 50%.
  • Customers say we are the most knowledgeable contender in this space – and would love to show you why.

Source: TechValidate


“Brightidea was the best choice for CLP. They are the top in their field of innovation management and their software is quick and easy to implement.”


What would a high-impact innovation program mean for your business?

In the survey, customers shared how long it took to attain positive ROI from using Brightidea. 92% of users who focused on Targeted Innovation Challenges with Brightidea achieved a positive ROI in under 12 months. Aggregated results show that 41% of the respondents achieved positive ROI in under a year, and 79% achieved a positive ROI in less than 18 months.

Success Metrics:

  • Cost savings opportunities identified or generated
  • Participants/level of participation
  • New revenue opportunities identified or generated
  • New product opportunities discovered or launched
  • New processes implemented
  • Patents secured
  • Ideas generated
  • Innovation challenges run per year
  • Total outcomes


“We have significantly increased client satisfaction & added millions of dollars to the bottom line by leveraging the scalability of online support.”


In Action: BT

Needed an effective way to empower all BT employees to innovate across large organizations. Its existing tools constrained efforts to drive outcomes from radical new business ideas. It’s New Ideas Program: Corporate Innovation Platform powered by Brightidea was rolled out to all 130,000 employees globally. They created an elaborate rewards and recognition effort for ideas driving value.


  • Executed more than 60 campaigns, with more than 200 ideas implemented.
  • Increased the quality of their innovation program by 100%-200%, generating over $250 million between new revenue and cost savings from the ideas sourced company wide since 2005.
  • BT started achieving positive ROI on their investment with Brightidea in 6-12 months.

“For every $1 invested by BT on our innovation program, we have returned over $75 to the business.”

In Action: HP

They wanted to streamline their process, foster corporate collaboration and manage multiple idea communities. HP Garage 2.0 was born – a corporate online innovation hub powered by Brightidea’s Enterprise WebStorm. It was rolled out to 320,000+ employees worldwide and seamlessly integrated with HP’s PPM system.


  • 7,700+ ideas, 33,200+ comments, 39,350+ votes
  • 58,000+ active users around the globe
  • Millions of dollars in added ROI through ideas

“We’ve got very smart people scattered all over – how do we gather the best ideas?… We partnered with Brightidea.”

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Overall Improvement

92% of the survey respondents confirmed that Brightidea is making noticeable improvements to their innovation programs. Customers reported that Brightidea:

  • Created culture of innovation with increased engagement among employees and customers
  • Streamlined workflow and processes to run the innovation program
  • Provided exceptional reporting and metrics

In Action: Nielsen

Nielsen needed a better way to effectively triage ideas, prioritize and roadmap innovations. They sought an easy-to-use solution, as its homegrown SharePoint-based system was not working. And it had to be a system that was so simple that users from any background and skillset could operate it without prior training.


  • Widespread adoption of the program, over 500 highly qualified ideas per quarter. In 2013, the “Cycle Time” Challenge saved Nielsen over four million employee hours, across all teams.
  • Achieved positive ROI on their investment with Brightidea in 12-18 months – and faster program outcomes, with 75%-100% of innovation challenges resulting in an idea that was implemented.
  • Quality of their innovation program increased by 100%-200%.

“Brightidea gives us the flexibility to support 15 or more business units at any time, each with their own requirements.”

Innovation Types

Overall, Brightidea customers have found enormous value in having an innovation program software to manage their innovation pipeline and run challenges. 95% of the respondents view Brightidea’s targeted innovation challenges as an essential part of their innovation program toolkit. Brightidea also includes many other important features in the toolkit.

Secret to Successful Innovation

“We are able to more effectively gather feedback and collaborate with our customers…It’s a game changer.”

Brightidea features that our customers love:

  • Targeted Innovation Challenges
  • New Product Development
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Customer Insights / Voice of the Customer (VOC)
  • Enhancement Requests
  • Open Innovation
  • Patent/Invention Disclosure
  • Hackathons
  • Co-Creation Portals
  • Crowdfunding

In Action: Cisco

Innovation across Cisco was uncoordinated and not aligned with business objectives. They needed to orchestrate and align, as well as frame and ignite innovation. To address this, they formed a Service Innovation Excellence Center, defined building blocks for services innovation and implemented a SmartZone idea platform and process built on Brightidea. Cisco viewed this as a success with:


  • Ideas Submitted: 1,663
  • Votes Cast: 4,097
  • Registered Members: 5,309
  • One iPrize challenge yielded $50 billion business opportunity

“We chose Brightidea because of their emphasis on driving implementation rather than narrowly focusing on idea collection.”

In Action: Humana

Previous Wiki and SharePoint tools were ineffective due to low adoption, complexity, and lack of flexibility at Humana.

Solution: 1DEA platform powered by Brightidea has enabled a repeatable crowdsourcing process that scales across 39,000 employees, as a ‘shared service’ model.


  • Execute ~20 challenges per year
  • More than 100 ideas in proposals.
  • Found $6.2 million in cost savings from single campaign.

“Brightidea has been instrumental to driving Humana’s success with the shared-service model.”

In Action: General Electric

The Challenge: GE wanted to find and fund new ideas for next-gen power grid. It’s the largest-ever open innovation challenge – and the results are stunning:

  • 5,000 ideas, 74,000+ users
  • 1,600 participating companies from 150 countries
  • 22 investments and commercial partnerships

“The opportunity to work with smaller companies around the world is big for us; we can now take ideas & plug them into places where they move forward.”

How does your organization encourage innovation?

Innovation Program Leaders seek to not only ensure the innovation program is being used but that quality outcomes and results are being achieved.

92% of surveyed Innovation Program Managers saw improvements using Brightidea as their primary innovation program.

In Action: Motorola Solutions

Motorola Solutions needed better way to give worldwide employees a voice during product development lifecycle. Homegrown tools didn’t scale. Implemented an Idea Space innovation collaboration portal powered by Brightidea platform, allowing global reach within organization and a highly customizable UI for variety of challenges.


  • 40 Targeted Campaigns Launched
  • More than 2,000 Ideas Submitted
  • 50 Adopted Ideas – all moved into the Product Development Lifecycle
  • Innovation Council and Innovation Champion roles

The quality of their innovation program increased by 50-100% and they achieved positive ROI as early as six months in.

“We want ideas to have relevance, something that’s going to be brought to market, something that’s important to the company.”


Brightidea is the leading provider of software for corporate innovation programs. Companies including Accenture, BT, Cisco, GE, Nielsen and Roche use Brightidea to power their world‑class innovation programs. We’ve worked with over 300 leading global brands to achieve hundreds of millions of dollars of documented financial innovation impact.

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