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Brightidea and its products have been featured in dozens of online and offline publications. Here are a few recent headlines:

Business Wire Social Insights Report showcases Enterprise Leaders Driving Innovation
Brightidea and Leadtail look at 40 people focused on transforming great ideas into game-changing innovation Read more »
Business Wire Press Release 2014 Brightidea Announces Fall 2014 Platform Release
Brightidea today announced the availability of the Fall 2014 version of its cloud-based Collaborative Innovation platform. The upgrade was developed over the past year and incorporates numerous breakthroughs in configurability, pipeline management tools and application performance. Read more »
Gigaom Research Brightidea Mobile 5 Launches For iOS and Android Devices
Brightidea, the innovation platform, has a fall release coming out, and their press release summarizes what’s coming: Read more »
Gigaom Research Can we consumerize everything inside businesses?
Brightidea, the innovation platform, has a fall release coming out, and their press release summarizes what’s coming: Read more »
HR Bartender There’s Always Time to Build a Better Mousetrap
The mousetrap team was started by our leadership team originally, not to fix things, but to take a step back and evaluate our processes. We were created to be curious, question everything and challenge the status quo. It will be celebrating its 10th anniversary this fall! Read more »
The Wall Street Journal Network Solutions Loses Customers Over Outage
Some customers are switching to new providers after their websites were knocked offline for several hours, Wednesday, due to an outage at Network Solutions LLC, a subsidiary of Group Inc. Read more »
Innovation Management 7 Tips for Outcome-Driven Innovation
While many people believe that process and structure stifle creativity – the center of gravity for sourcing and inspiring innovation – this couldn’t be further from the truth.... Read more »
Forbes India The Thinker Interview: Henry Chesbrough
Henry Chesbrough, the Father of Open Innovation, believes that in the future innovation communities will push the boundaries of Open Innovation. Read more »
SAP Co-Innovating the Future with #SAP Idea Place
SAP has re-launched its Idea Place with new capabilities, including greater transparency for users, voting and gamification, support for mobile, and other features. Today, Idea Place is where customers openly share their ideas with SAP for product enhancements... Read more »
Gigaom Pro Brightidea and the disruptive power of crowdsourced innovation
I had the opportunity to speak with Matt Greeley recently, the CEO of Brightidea, which the company’s literature positions as “on-demand innovation pipeline management.” That description makes innovation sound like... Read more »
Forbes How Kraft Got Its Innovation Groove Back
Kraft Foods Group has spent the last three years getting its innovation groove back, company leaders said today at the annual Consumer Analyst Group of New York (CAGNY) Conference in Boca Raton, Fla.... Read more »
Idea Connection Lockheed Martin’s Open Innovation Search for Cool Ideas
Lockheed Martin hosts a global open innovation challenge as part of its centennial celebrations with cash awards totaling $50,000. It was a call for ideas to solve important issues facing the global community.... Read more »
Innovation Management Marketing in a Technology Company: GE's Organizational Platform for Innovation*
At a recent roundtable discussion at Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit, Beth Comstock, the Chief Marketing Officer of GE, described how GE approaches marketing: “You have to create a platform that invites innovative ideas.” Read more » Thomas Edison's Keys To Managing Team Collaboration
Some six hours into a 12-hour flight (with transfers!) to Chile, I realize I left my Kindle on the last plane. Not all bad news, actually, since in my bag is a bound copy of the galleys of Sarah Miller Caldicott’s soon-to-be released book Midnight Lunch (Wiley, 2012). Read more »
Yahoo Finance Lockheed Martin Announces Innovation Contest Winners
Lockheed Martin Corporation (LMT) today announced five winners from the company's "Innovate the Future" challenge for creative ideas on how to enable a more secure future for the planet. Read more »
latercera.gif Matt Greeley: "Innovation is the only way to increase productivity"
Matt Greeley began as many others: throwing ideas into the air in a small apartment in Silicon Valley, trying to "connect the dots," as Steve Jobs. It was 1999 and the Internet was starting to become popular... Read more »
VentureBeat open2012 to introduce open innovation to Silicon Valley
Back in the late 1990's, Procter & Gamble CEO A. G. Lafley observed that the company’s focus on internal R&D was no longer effective for anything more than incremental improvements... Read more »
Innovation Management Look to Innovation Communities as the Next Wave of Open Innovation, says Henry Chesbrough
Henry Chesbrough, the father of open innovation, believes that in the future innovation communities will push the boundaries of open innovation. Read more » Hess Seeks Customer Input on Kid-Friendly Stores
WOODBRIDGE, N.J. -- The average age of the traditional convenience store customers skews higher than grade school or toddler, but that is exactly the customer Hess is turning an eye toward. Read more »
CNN Money 4 keys to growth through transformational innovation
Most companies underinvest in transformational innovation, weighing down R&D portfolios with incremental projects. The best organizations attack the "front-end" of the innovation process to generate more break-through ideas... Read more »
15inno.gif Employee Driven Innovation: Insights from Cisco
Everyone talks about open innovation and external collaboration today, but we should not forget that the most important assets and opportunities lie within the organization. Read more » BOF LATAM: Managing and Implementing Innovation
Innovation is often associated with creativity. However, the concept is closer to disruptive change, to create new business models and consumer experiences, seek more efficient processes, differentiating products, business synergies between different value propositions....Read more »
Programmable Web Harness The Power of Everybody’s Bright Ideas – Brightidea API
The Brightidea Innovation Suite is an cloud-based, integrated set of Web 2.0 and social networking tools, designed to give organizations the tools to build an innovation culture amongst employees, partners and customers... Read more » Brightidea Sparks a World of Innovation
The Brighter Side of Innovation: The technology world is propelling us to do new things. Brightidea, Inc., an innovation management software company based in San Francisco, is helping to build online innovation platforms to capture ideas for new things wherever ideas emerge ... Read more »
Intranet Connections The Movement of Ideas Through a Social Intranet
It was back in February that I last attended an IBF broadcast and wrote the blog post "The Garden: Inside an Award Winning Intranet", so it was with great pleasure that I tuned in again this week to learn about the implementation of innovation and ideation through a company intranet ... Read more »
InnovationManagement Open Innovation Past and Present: an Exclusive Interview with Henry Chesbrough
Though intensely talked about, open innovation remains a subject matter that both fascinates and creates apprehension among business professionals. In the following interview, Henry Chesbrough, the father of open innovation according to Wikipedia, has sat ... Read more » Say what? The odyssey of Kraft's new name
The sarcasm was palpable in the one-word headline that appeared in The New York Post on the day after Kraft Foods revealed that it planned to name its new global snack business "Mondelez," an interpretation of a mash-up of the Latin words for ....Read more »
Financial Times Case study: GE's innovator community
In 2005 Jeff Immelt, chief executive of US conglomerate General Electric, announced a stratety called “ecomagination” to double its revenues from environmentally friendly products. GE saw it as a big growth area but its interest was also spurred ... Read more » The 6 Features Needed In Your Idea Management System
Ideas are the currency in the new creative economy therefore you need tools to manage this valuable asset as part of your overall innovation strategy. Idea management is often overlooked as a crucial component... Read more » The Role of Social in Innovation Strategy
In a recent SAP Community Network post Harun Asad mentioned innovation as one social strategy. In this article he explores the role of social in innovation strategy more broadly, and cites several real-world examples...Read more » 6 Lessons Learned in Innovation Management by CLP
Two years ago The CLP Group, one of the largest electric companies in the Asia Pacific region, launched an internal innovation management program called Inno8, based on BrightIdea’s Innovation Suite software... Read more » The cloud: Where bright ideas come to life
In these turbulent economic times, companies ought to capitalize on every good idea generated inside - or, increasingly often, outside - their office walls. With its cloud-based innovation software, Brightidea strives to make that happen. Brightidea's flexibility distinguishes its offerings from other innovation tools and platforms:Read more »
Open Forum Innovation Management Helps Make Your Idea Reality
I am often asked: how do you launch innovation in a traditional setting? How do you overcome the forces of inertia and the status quo?. Your business has made a concerted effort to be more innovative, and you’re proud of the results. You and your team have come up with some great ideas. Read more »
Fast Company Meet The Innovation Agents
For the past year, Fast Company has interviewed innovators across several industries and geographies. This slideshow offers a shortcut to each of their stories, but unfortunately there is no shortcut to replicating their success. Read more »
PR Newswire Crowdsourcing Promises Efficiencies for Global Poverty-Fighting Organization
This month, global relief and development organization World Vision will launch its first ever crowdsourcing initiative, the Sponsor a Solution campaign. The campaign is a pilot effort aiming to engage the public's collective expertise in... Read more »
CSPnet Hess Gets Social, Launches Mobile App, New Website With GasBuddy
Hess Corp. and OpenStore by GasBuddy launched the Hess Express mobile app and redesigned website,, this week to provide busy people on the go with customized deals and coupons, real-time gas prices and traffic information... Read more »
Forbes 10 Strategies For Building A Successful Social Business
It becomes clearer every day that corporations are facing some major decisions. They can either choose to be social or stick with the status quo. They can either throw out the stuffy, traditional business playbook and adapt... Read more »
Gigaom Innovation management, Brightidea style
Good ideas are just the start of an organization’s innovation process. Once you have the good ideas, what do you do with them? Innovation management tools can support the transition from good idea to great product... Read more » The Next Generation Of Social Networking Has Emerged
I remember when I met Matt Greeley, CEO, BrightIdea, three years ago, I thought his product would be fantastic for consumers. BrightIdea makes a collaboration tool for the enterprise... Read more »
15inno Crowdsharing and Beyond: Innovation Lessons from O2
I’ve been running an innovation programme inside O2 UK (part of the Telefonica group). It started as a small pilot and has grown into a company wide program that is producing new products, services and ways of doing things. Read more »
Innovation Tools BrightIdea’s Innovation Suite Tackles The Innovation Pipeline
In the last several years, enterprise idea management tools have matured, becoming more process-focused, as well as incorporating a variety of social features to enhance collaboration among employees. A case in point in BrightIdea's Innovation Suite... Read more »
Tech Clarity Not Profiting from your Company's Bright Ideas? – Brightidea might Help
I had the chance to talk with ... the team at Brightidea about their products to generate, manage, track, and prioritize innovative ideas. Brightidea is helping companies leverage social computing technologies for innovation with a suite of solutions... Read more »
Fast Company Innovation Agents: Matt Greeley, CEO Brightidea
From now until March 1st, General Electric is taking suggestions from the peanut gallery--businesses, entrepreneurs, inventors and students--in hopes of discovering the next big thing in home energy efficiency. GE’s Ecomagination Challenge is a $200 million experiment in crowdsourcing... Read more »
Crowdsource 11 Crowdsourcing Predictions for 2011 - Straight from The Leaders
Crowdsourcing is about to get big; Real big. From mainstream adoption, to an influx of investment capital, the industry has never been so popular. To help see where we’re at, here are 11 crowdsourcing predictions for 2011 direct from the Crowd Leaders and major players. Read more » Tools That Will Help You Collaborate Effectively
What does collaboration mean? According to Merriam Webster, “to work jointly with others or together especially in an intellectual endeavor.” It has the same meaning both in-person and on the web. Read more »
Huffington Post How Marketers Are Stroking Our Egos to Death
The unstoppable epidemic of crowd wisdom, the relentless American Idolization of the land, claimed another victory when Amazon announced it is getting into the movie production business. Read more »
Inventors Digest 5 Questions With... Brightidea’s Matt Greeley
San Francisco-based Brightidea offers online tools to help companies crowdsource innovation from inside and outside their payrolls. Brightidea’s platform powered this summer’s GE Ecomagination Challenge, a $200 million innovation experiment. Read more »
San Francisco Chronicle Brightidea Partner GoodData Powers Dashboards Across SaaS and Cloud Ecosystem
Launch Partners Already Delivering Analytics to 1,000s of Companies. GoodData today announced its Powered by GoodData program, an innovative approach for SaaS, cloud and data providers to deliver pre-built dashboards and advanced analytics to their customers... Read more »
ZDNet Diplomacy: The US State Department's Global Collaborative Backbone
The United States Department of State (often referred to as the State Department), is responsible for the international relations of the United States and equivalent to the foreign ministries of other countries. The Department was created in ... Read more »
Read Write Web Nielsen Drives Innovation With Brightidea
We've heard a lot about how idea management works in theory - but how does it work in practice? Ann Marie Dumais, Senior Vice President of New Product Introductions at The Nielsen Company, was kind enough to walk us through ... Read more »
Retrovention Interview with Brightidea's Matt Greeley
Matt Greeley speculates that innovation may be the "killer app" in the world of social software and I struggle to try and dismiss that without diving headfirst into the gutter about what other killer apps may be out there ... Read more »
CSEDEV The Business of Managing Ideas: A Conversation with Brightidea
Brightidea is one of the world's leading innovation management software companies. Founded in 1999, the company's clients have included American Express, Novartis Pharmaceuticals, and the City of San Francisco. I spoke with Janelle Noble... Read more »
Forbes Stretching the 'Rubber Duck' Concept
To most of us the rubber duck is simply child's play. But not for Matt Greeley, CEO of Brightidea, which developed a transparent process used by companies such as GE, Cisco, Hewlett-Packard, and Unilever to collect ideas over the web ... Read more »
Forbes interviews CEO and Co-Founder of Brightidea, Matt Greeley on the future of innovation sits down with Matt Greeley, CEO and Co-founder of Brightidea to discuss the latest trends for innovation and discuss why GE, Cisco and others are looking beyond their firewalls for the next big idea ... Read more »
GovFresh Getting the Brightidea: Crowdsourcing in government and enterprise
Gov 2.0 Radio talks with Matt Greeley of Brightidea. Brightidea has powered innovation campaigns for the government of Ireland, City of San Francisco and has a new contract with the U.S. State Department ... Read more »
Innovation Management The Future of Innovation: GE's Ecomagination Challenge
The short story of what GE does is to connect internal and external resources and set-up a solid process that allows them to executive on the opportunities that arise from this combination ... Read more »
Enterprise Irregulars Brightidea, Ideas to Innovation
I recently had the opportunity to chat with Vincent Carbone, the COO and co-Founder of Brightidea. The company is one of a small group of vendors pitching solutions that help companies link ideation with managed innovation ... Read more »
BloggingStocks GE Launches Energy-Saving Challenge
A few years ago, I met up with Matt Greeley, the CEO of Brightidea. He talked about concepts like crowd-sourcing and how his company's platform would lead the way ... Read more »
IFTF Lightweight Innovation: Guidelines for Reinvention
Lightweight innovation processes are emerging on the web, aided by new ideas about how to organize innovation and technologies that reduce the cost and complexity of incremental innovation ... Read more »
ZDNet San Francisco Saves $75,000 on Car Washing
Innovation software platforms aren't just the domain of Fortune 500 organizations even local government is getting into the act. I recently has the opportunity with Chris Vein, CIO ... Read more » Innovation Initiatives and Best Practices
Meet James Pasmantier. James Pasmantier is vice president of professional services at, a leading global industry provider of on-demand innovation management software ... Read more »
Biz Journal Rally Idea Manager Launches Powered By Brightidea
Rally, the Agile application lifecycle management (ALM) leader, today announced Rally Unlimited Edition, an Agile ALM platform that provides organizations the real-time status, progress and quality ... Read more »
Forbes Motorcycle Racing Goes Green With Brightidea
It may sound like a contradiction, but competitive racing is going green – well, slowly. I'm not talking about electric stock cars or electric Indy Cars – fat chance we'll see 2x Indy Car ... Read more »
CMS Wire Brightidea Wants To Be for Innovation Management
Brightidea believes that a platform to manage ideas offers more intrinsic value than a sales lead and they are making an enterprise play to become for Innovation Management ... Read more »
Financial Post Is The 'cloud' Green?
Morteza Mahjour, chief information and operations officer with Royal Bank of Canada, the nation's largest bank and Brightidea customer, explains the concept and implications of 'cloud-computing' ... Read more »
BusinessWeek SWIFT Bank Network Taps Crowdsourcing
Staid bankers are embracing the latest collaborative tools to drive innovation. The Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications (SWIFT), a global organization that handles an average of 15 million standardized financial transactions ... Read more »
IFTF Idea Management + Prediction Markets = Lightweight Innovation
When I first joined the Institute four years ago, I spent much of 2006 looking at the prospects of prediction markets for long-range forecasting ... Read more »
Seek Omega What's the Brightidea?
... It was this small idea that turned the Mongol army into a undefeatable force. An idea that may never have been realized had it not been for a visionary (but ruthless) leader named Genghis Kahn ... Read more »
ZD Net Three Tricks to Innovation Management
Many of the technologists that I speak with like the concept of social media, but stumble when it comes to cost justification. Innovation is a hard one to put a dollar sign on and social media ... Read more »
San Fransisco Chronicle Online suggestion box to help cut S.F. deficit
More wanted, rewards offered: The site, whose "innovation management" software was provided by San Francisco's BrightIdea Inc., was ... Read more »
Mashable How Companies are Using Social Media to Make Better Decisions
Collaboration and crowdsourcing are the realities of today's public Internet, and the trend is now gaining real traction in the workplace. Smart companies increasingly understand that their richest source of insight, ideas, data, and information is within their own employees ... Read more »
The App Gap Brightidea Releases its Idea Management Apps for iPhone & Android Platforms
Brightidea brings the capabilities of social computing to the idea generation and implementation process. Their WebStorm product is an Idea Collection and Ranking Portal that facilitates ... Read more »
GovFresh The Pros and Cons of Crowdsourcing a Marketing Campaign
Earlier this week, President Mary McAleese launched a search to find two "game-changing" ideas that will help secure prosperity and jobs for Ireland ... Read more »
Vox The Pros and Cons of Crowdsourcing a Marketing Campaign
Crowdsourcing is expected to be one of the top trends for marketers this year, according to the digital experts at Last Exit. The concept certainly resonates with cash strapped companies: tap an online community for ideas on how to advance a brand, or develop a product or, in many cases, both ... Read more »
Target Case Study: Making a Beeline for B-to-B Client Ideas
In 2010, woe is the business that doesn't understand how the global economy works. Or doesn't at least hire a company that does. Learn how Brightidea's client, Beeline, collected ideas to improve their core business line ... Read more »
Inc Rounding Up Staff Ideas
More companies are using software to collect staff ideas. Business owners are always on the hunt for new ideas — ways to cut costs, increase revenue, and improve products and services. Often the most cost-effective source of ideas is right in front of you ... Read more »
DMNews Embrace crowdsourcing successfully
Companies need to be smart about their innovation strategies and look at their innovation initiatives as a key brand touch point. Plenty of organizations have tried to implement an open innovation strategy of their own, yet how many truly succeed? ... Read more »
Harvard Business Review Inside Cisco's Search for the Next Big Idea
Harnessing the wisdom of crowds involves much more than turning on a website and putting up a reward, as Cisco recently found out ... Read more »
MLab The idea exchange at UBS
How do you bring innovation into the mainstream of essentially conservative organisations? Simon Caulkin reports on a groundbreaking initiative at UBS Investment Bank ... Read more »
Neville Hobson FIR Interview: Matthew Greeley, Founder and CEO, Brightidea
Brightidea describes itself as a "the global leader in on-demand innovation management." ... Read more »
eWeek Finalists in eWEEK Excellence Awards VIII Announced!
eWEEK editors culled through hundreds of entries to select the IT products and services that are best-suited to enterprises' changing – and increasingly demanding – requirements ... Read more »
App Gap – Brings Focused Enterprise 2.0 Capabilities to Innovation
I think that Brightidea has a smart strategy for bringing social computing capabilities into the enterprise ... Read more »
Financial Times You can't stop them talking
Last year the New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman launched a withering attack on General Motors. GM demanded the right of response, but found itself embroiled in an e-mail dispute ... Read more »
Inside CRM Customer-Driven Innovation
Back on November 6, we ran a story about's new idea incubator, Salesforce Ideas, a product it was selling to customers to allow them to harvest, rank and evaluate ideas from customers, employees and other interested parties ... Read more »
LexisNexis M World
Trends. Social media and collaborative tools are on the upswing in public and private sectors ... Read more »
MSNBC Turning Our Thoughts To Giving
Lately, the holiday frenzy has made me a consumeraholic. It's been all about shopping and piling onto my workload so I can make more money to shop more ... Read more »
CIO Update The Business Case for In-house Social Networks
Call them a plague against productivity – or, just maybe, they are the tool that will unlock enormous new value for business. The debate is that sharp ... Read more »
Computerworld Quantifying innovation as a key corporate value
Innovation – how often have we all heard it? "Innovation is a key corporate value." "Innovation is the key to our success." "Innovation is vital to corporate success in the global marketplace." ... Read more »
ZDNet manages your bright ideas... is one of the companies on my 2008 watch list. The company offers enterprises a process in which they can encourage and manage innovation ... Read more »
Fast Company The Power of the Prize
Lo and behold, contests actually work to spur innovation. So should we use them for everything? ... Read more »
eWeek Social Startup Looks to Manage Bright Ideas
Looking to vault and Spigit in idea management, Brightidea socializes its platform ... Read more »
InformationWeek How Will Your Social Computing Strategy Deliver ROI?
I spoke with Matthew Greeley, CEO of, recently and came away impressed with its approach to delivering real value with Web 2.0 sizzle ... Read more »
BusinessWeek Cisco Pays Big for New Ideas
Competitions from the likes of Microsoft and Virgin are sparking innovation and drawing thousands of contestants from around the world ... Read more »
ZDNet Tech CEOs: Will they step up in a downturn?
Technology CEOs worth their paychecks are going to use this economic downturn to revamp business models and position for the so-called post recession era ... Read more »
New York Times How Can Web Tech Help Enterprises with Innovation Management?
In his book The Innovator's Dilemma, Professor Clayton Christensen of Harvard Business School describes the theory of how large outstanding firms can fail "by doing everything right." The innovator's dilemma ... Read more »
Direct Marketing News Gets Consumers in Focus
The focus group has long served as an invaluable marketing tool, and thinks its relaunched Web site gives companies an online way to conduct focus groups. Read more »
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