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Building the Innovation Grid: One Node at a Time

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From technology leaders like GE and Adobe to global financial leaders such as AMEX, to consumer product giants like Kraft – something very big is forming, one node at a time.

Touching almost every part of the world is a movement to create online channels of communication and collaboration on ideas. From sustainable energy to naming a new Jello product, an intricate web of interlocking ideas is creating a vast network of minds on a scale never before imagined.

Now, with Brightidea software, hundreds of companies and organizations globally are connecting to an invisible grid, the lines of which are just starting to form and connect people in ways unforeseen.

The stakes are high, and the effects this grid will have on our future are profound.

Connecting to this grid will be easier than calling to turn on your utilities, almost embedded into the very fabric of the internet itself.

Open, mobile, instant, futuristic, adaptive, evolving, agile, and decidedly human, the innovation grid may hold the potential to solve our world's greatest challenges because it's the product of the most fundamental social human capital- ideas.

A concept championed by Brightidea CEO, Matt Greeley, 'the innovation grid,' is built on a network of connectors and integrations tied in and through Brightidea software to facilitate and capture the flow of new ideas that surface from inside and outside firewalls.

From Fast Company's Feature 'Innovation Agents':

'I started Brightidea in a rented apartment in Menlo Park, California in 1999. At the time we were looking at businesses like eBay, and thinking what if we could make corporate R&D as efficient and transparent as eBay. That idea—to create a marketplace for ideas over the internet—would eventually change the way companies develop new products and, ultimately, change the way organizations work. We weren't trying to latch on to a trend. We wanted to be the change we wanted to see in the world.

I believe those technologies [cloud computing and mobile technology] are coming together to form, what we call, "the Innovation Grid." Where if you have a surplus of ideas you push them onto the grid and if you need new ideas you pull them off. If you look closely, you can see people building parts of this Innovation Grid in all different places from start-ups like KickStarter and 99Designs to established companies doing open innovation like P&G and GE. The internet in the 21st century is becoming what the factory line was to the 20st century: it is where work will get done. I think that's a really big idea.'

Whether you are a potential customer, employee, investor or partner, please join us to help build the innovation grid.

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